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Announcing Virtual Fuse™ Association Incubation and Launch Services

A Method for Moving from the Scratch Pad to the Launch Pad

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – Dec. 8, 2014 – Virtual, Inc., a leading technology-focused association management company, has developed a cost-effective incubation and launch services package, Virtual Fuse™ , to help an early-stage association, consortium, alliance or working group build the right framework for long-term success.

Virtual Fuse™ has distilled Virtual’s start-up expertise, best practices, technology offerings and skills into an integrated, powerful and affordable package of services that will prepare an organization for launch and then take it airborne, poised for growth and structured for long-term accomplishment. Virtual has assisted with the formation and launch of dozens of new initiatives, and the company’s time-tested professional experience is now available to all in this blueprint for success.

Because resources are likely to be constrained at the start of any new initiative, Virtual Fuse™ costs are kept to a minimum – this is Virtual’s investment in a client’s future success. Delivery of specific services is flexible, so as to address an initiative’s particular pace and timing.

The Virtual Fuse™ package includes:

Incubation services:

  • Working with leaders to clarify mission, value proposition and key messages
  • Providing guidance on best practices for governance, membership, dues and structure
  • Setting up headquarters services and administrative support
  • Implementing a collaboration platform for member communications and working group activities
  • Providing administrative support for founders’ pre-launch technical work
  • Spearheading recruitment of founding members

Launch services:

  • Working with counsel to develop state-of-the-art legal documents, including bylaws, a membership agreement and, where applicable, an intellectual property rights policy and organizational rules and procedures
  • Developing a financial plan for the critical first year
  • Establishing key financial and accounting systems and reports
  • Executing required government filings
  • Building a recruitment and membership services plan
  • Providing a launch blueprint to take the organization public with maximum impact
  • Developing public and private websites that build organizational momentum and support collaboration and social interaction
  • Executing public relations and marketing activities for optimal public recognition

Virtual currently has a staff of 90-plus professionals in the U.S., Canada and Europe, delivering services from finance and accounting to marketing and certification program management. Virtual is differentiated from other association management companies by its senior team’s expertise, its deep standards experience, its technology and marketing savvy, its emphasis on best practices, and its development of innovative association services packages such as Virtual Fuse™ and Virtual BackOffice™.

Additional information about all the services that Virtual provides to its clients is available at

About Virtual, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Virtual, Inc. is a full-service association management company that combines advanced technology, best practices and innovation to provide its clients with world-class business operations, freeing organization leaders to focus on their missions and programs. Virtual was named to The Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work” list, and the firm has been named three times to Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 fastest-growing private companies. Virtual is accredited by the AMC Institute, the global trade group that represents the association management industry. For more information about Virtual, Inc., visit, or call +1 781-246-0500.


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