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Board Support

Could Your Association Board Be More Engaged or More Productive?

A great board can make a great association. But it’s not enough to bring together intelligent, passionate people from within your industry. Effective boards are driven by vision, commitment, and often by objective guidance from an experienced third party.

That’s where we come in. As an accredited AMC, Virtual provides strategic board support and management services to consortia, alliances, and professional societies at all lifecycle stages—from start-up through growth phase and maturity.

We oversee more than 500 association board and committee meetings every year, and we understand how to get the best results from each. See our full list of board support services below.

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Our Association Board Support Services Include:

  • Strategic counsel to Boards of Directors, executive and member committees
  • Strategic planning sessions and retreats for association leaders
  • Best practices and management guidance on all facets of association operations
  • Attending and chairing Board and committee meetings, developing agendas, recording meeting minutes, and circulating drafts of minutes for review and approval
  • Providing comprehensive logistics support for meetings, both live and via teleconference and the web


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