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Headquarters Services

Your organization might be powered by volunteers and have no staff. Or you may have just a few staffers working remotely around the world. Your association might not have a physical presence, but if having an office address and a physical headquarters location is essential, rely on our association headquarters services.

We deliver virtual office services including the basic functions that any organization needs, from providing a physical and legal address to handling all state and federal filings.

Our Association Headquarters Services Include:

  • Maintaining an office and physical address at Virtual, Inc., located just outside of Boston
  • Establishing unique telephone and fax numbers with our VOIP telephony system
  • Providing a mailing address; receiving and distributing printed mail
  • Providing web and email addresses
  • Routing email to appropriate staff members
  • Routing calls to volunteers or staff throughout the world
  • Serving as a virtual administrator
  • Maintaining electronic and hardcopy files and inventory of key documents

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Andy Freed, Chief Executive Officer
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