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Virtual Fuse™ Incubation and Launch Services

Whether formation of your new initiative is paced for a slow burn or fast launch, Virtual Fuse™ Incubation and Launch Services can help your association, consortium, alliance or working group build the right framework for long-term success. Virtual Fuse provides the foundation you need to move from scratch pad to launch pad and beyond with a single, cost-effective services package.

Virtual Fuse™ distills our start-up expertise, best practices, technology offerings and skills into an integrated, powerful and affordable package of services that will get you ready for launch and off the ground — poised for growth and structured for long-term success. Virtual has helped launch dozens of new initiatives, and we can help yours with a time-tested blueprint for success.

We know that money is tight at the start of any new initiative, so Virtual Fuse costs are kept to a minimum – our investment in your future success. When you are successful for the long term, so are we.

The ABC's of AMCs Your Association Strategy

Virtual Fuse™ Services Include:

association launch services

Incubation Services

  • Working with your initiative’s leaders to clarify your mission, value proposition and key messages
  • Providing guidance on best practices for governance, membership and dues and your organizational structure
  • Setting up headquarters services, including your legal and mailing address, email, telephone and administrative support
  • Implementing a collaboration platform for member communications and working group activities to support pre-launch technical work
  • Providing administrative support for founders’ technical work carried out before launch
  • Spearheading recruitment of founding members

Launch Services

  • Working with counsel to develop state-of-the-art legal documents, including bylaws, a membership agreement and, where applicable, an intellectual property rights policy and organizational rules and procedures
  • Developing a financial plan for the critical first year of the organization and setting up key financial and accounting systems and reports
  • Executing required government filings
  • Building a recruitment and membership services plan
  • Providing a launch blueprint to take your organization public with maximum impact
  • Building public and private websites to help build organizational momentum and support collaboration and social interaction
  • Executing public relations and marketing activities to get your new organization airborne