Management Company or In-House Staff? Pros and Cons….

When I was a kid, I was a decent swimmer, but miserably bad at many other sports. I ended my little league career for Sweeney and Meyer Realty without a single base hit. After (another) hitless game, my Mom told me: “you can’t be good at everything…pick what you want to excel at and concentrate
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CXPA Caselet


CXPA, a brand-new member association, needed to go from zero to full member service in under a year while delivering on its mission of connecting professionals and promoting best practices.


Virtual worked with the new Board to create a financial plan, start marketing the first annual event, provide member service, and create a brand identity and web site.


CXPA has become the premier networking and education source for customer experience, with 2,000 members in the first year and a successful first annual conference.

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