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Critical Legal Issues for Technology Consortia: Advice from the Experts

For this issue of our newsletter, in response to the high level of interest in association startup and governance matters, Virtual has invited some of our legal partners — thought leaders in legal issues related to association management – to write articles offering their opinions on a range of topics.

We hope these pieces provide you with some food for thought, and that they help convince you of the importance of working actively with an experienced attorney to prevent possible future problems and conflicts.

  • First, with so many associations having business in Washington, D.C., we thought it would be helpful to offer an informed opinion on the present situation in Congress and what might be expected: What to Expect from the 114th Congress,” by Christopher DeLacy, Partner, Holland & Knight
  • If your new organization intends to develop and distribute technology standards or specifications, one of the first and most vital items you should tackle is an intellectual property rights (IPR) policy. Here are considerations for creating an appropriate IPR policy for your group:  The Importance of IPR Policies to Standards Developer Success,” by Andrew Updegrove, Partner, Gesmer & Updegrove LLC

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