Establishing an Effective Technical Process

association-webinar-technical-processFor any standards development organization, the technical process is the heart of the association. As a result, how that process is created and managed will be key to ensuring an entity’s ultimate success. Yet, ironically, the people responsible for setting up a new standards organization often don’t know how to do it, or even where to begin. Even if they do, they will inevitably encounter numerous unforeseen obstacles that can bog down their technical mission, ranging from disputes involving intellectual property rights to conflicting member agendas.

This webinar outlines proven best practices – covering both process and legal concerns – that have helped some of the largest industry associations work at peak efficiency and productivity.

Hear our experts – Andy Freed, Mary McRae and Andy Updegrove – as they cover:

  • Process Rules – Why You Need Them
  • IPR Policies – Why You Can’t Live Without One
  • Projects – Requirements, Plans and Issues Tracking
  • The Chair – Leader, Negotiator and Task Master

View the webcast replay, and we look forward to your comments, questions and opinions.

Webinar: Effective Technical Process

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Andy Freed
CEO, Virtual, Inc.

Greg Kohn
Executive Vice President, Strategy, Virtual, Inc.

Terry Lowney
Chief Operating Officer, Virtual, Inc.

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