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Headquarters & Administration Services(BACKUP)

Your organization is powered by volunteers and has no one on staff. No staff means that no physical office is required for workers to report to in order to carry out their everyday tasks. While there can be benefits to running lean, having an office address and administrative coverage is essential for effective association management.

Virtual delivers the basic functions that any corporation would need if it were a self-standing organization with staff. From providing a legal address to taking care of all state and federal filings, we take care of the details for you.

Our Headquarters & Administrative Services Include:

  • Maintaining an office and physical address at Virtual, Inc. (suburban Boston)
  • Establishing unique telephone and fax numbers (with Virtual’s IP telephony system)
  • Providing a mailing address, and receiving and distributing printed mail
  • Providing web and email addresses
  • Routing email to appropriate staff members
  • Maintaining electronic and hardcopy files and inventory of key documents
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