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Last week I saw the coolest Facebook post from my sister-in-law, who works at EMC in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. It was pretty neat—Patriot tight end (and part time Superhero) Rob Gronkowski had come to EMC as part of a company celebration. She was pumped to see Gronk live and in person. Watch the clip!

Turns out, that celebration was part of CX Day—an initiative of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). The CXPA has been a client of ours since its founding, and we have been pleased to play a supporting role in growing CX Day from idea to reality.

We’ve learned a few things along the way.

1. Get focused.

Creating a “focusing event” is a great strategy for an organization. With CX Day, the CXPA essentially declared a holiday—the first Tuesday in October. That created a global focus for the organization’s members and staff—and that focus has yie3lded great attention.

2. It takes a team.

CX Day is the result of the CXPA Board, staff, volunteers and Virtual collaborating. Just as Gronk doesn’t get in the end zone without the offensive line blocking for the QB so that he can throw the ball, an effort like this requires a full roster of players.

3, Leverage the power of social media.

Taking just one stat, the #CXday hashtag had more than 14.7 million impressions on Twitter this year. That’s a huge impact—on a platform that didn’t exist ten years ago.

So if you’re looking to drive awareness, take a look at the calendar and consider declaring your own awareness day. Instead of just cranking out more press releases or tweets, maybe you need to make a Day of it.

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