Mistakes Happen

mistakes_happenEverybody makes mistakes. That phrase is a cliché because it’s so true.   

And we make mistakes here at Virtual as well. They key is in how you recover from them. 

Check out this story: http://www.dmnews.com/this-is-how-cx-is-done-in-email/article/347377/. 

It tells the story better than I can of how we recovered from a recent mistake with one of our clients. 

Think about mistakes you’ve made with your association.  Have you owned up to them?  Do you have a “next steps” plan?  Heck, penicillin was discovered as a result of a mistake in a lab.  Who knows what cures and gains could lie within the mistakes that you’ve made?

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Andy Freed
CEO, Virtual, Inc.

Greg Kohn
Executive Vice President, Strategy, Virtual, Inc.

Terry Lowney
Chief Operating Officer, Virtual, Inc.

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