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Advocacy Groups

You want your voice to be heard. But you don’t want to break the bank. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Washington or Brussels, the goal of every advocacy program is the same — to get your organization’s message out in the most effective way possible.

It starts with a strategy. We’ve helped organizations build creative, cost-effective strategies to influence policymakers. By using tools such as direct outreach, grassroots and netroots member campaigns, public relations and more, we’ve helped our clients achieve their advocacy goals.

We help Advocacy Groups by:

  • Building the overall advocacy strategy
  • Identifying partner organizations for lobbying and direct outreach
  • Understanding lobbying rules and regulations
  • Providing tools for member engagement
  • Setting up and administering PACs
  • Providing operational support

With Virtual,
you can:

Run Like a Business

Be efficient and innovative while providing value to your members.

Optimize Operations Reporting

Understand and gain visibility into your key performance metrics.

Receive Expert Counsel

Get the bigger picture and the better strategy for your association.

Become Paperless

Save money and reach your prospects and members in a better way.