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Online Communities

There was a time when “community” meant only people in your neighborhood. But today, online communities connect like-minded individuals all over the world. Whether they are professionals in the same field, alumni of the same organization or people with similar passions, online communities enable people to connect at any time from any place.

But even virtual communities have very real challenges. Managing membership, driving engagement and creating the strategy to build revenue all require careful planning and execution. It takes the right tools, attentive staffing and experience to achieve successful community association management.

We Help Online Communities by:

  • Providing back-office support
  • Deploying best-of-breed online tools
  • Creating programs to drive member engagement
  • Developing revenue opportunities

With Virtual,
you can:

Run Like a Business

Be efficient and innovative while providing value to your members.

Optimize Operations Reporting

Understand and gain visibility into your key performance metrics.

Receive Expert Counsel

Get the bigger picture and the better strategy for your association.

Become Paperless

Save money and reach your prospects and members in a better way.