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Technology Industry Alliances

Virtual has helped dozens of technology industry alliances launch, grow, run effectively and succeed – some based on inter-company agreements, others formally incorporated as not-for-profit organizations inside or outside the United States. Whether the purpose of your alliance is technology development, standard-setting, research or advocacy, Virtual understands the key elements – from legal to marketing – required for long-term success. With Virtual as your partner, you can be assured that your management and operations team has the knowledge, experience, track record and resources you need so that you can focus on mission and objectives while leaving the details of day-to-day operations to our experienced professionals.

We Help Industry Alliances by: Image_2_for_Alliances_Web_Page

  • Providing a neutral organization and management resource to represent the myriad interests of a diverse industry ecosystem
  • Helping founders decide the best legal and governance structure for the alliance
  • Delivering cost-effective launch services to get your technology alliance airborne and keep it aloft for the long term
  • Providing day-to-day operations management and financial stewardship to drive programs and ensure organizational longevity
  • Offering experienced guidance on every facet of alliance operations