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Launch Services

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Better make the best one possible with Virtual’s help.

Don’t go it alone. As an experienced and accredited association management company, we know how to get your new organization off to a flying start. We have the people, best practices and experience to get you up and running fast — poised for growth, with the credibility and capital you need for long-term success.

Our Launch Services include:

  • Developing a business plan for the critical first year of the organization
  • Building governance, organizational, membership and dues structures
  • Working with your organization’s leadership to help clarify your mission, value proposition and key messages
  • Working with legal counsel to develop state-of-the-art governance documents, including bylaws, an intellectual property rights policy, rules and procedures and a membership agreement
  • Handling incorporation, federal and state filings and the IRS application for non-profit status
  • Spearheading recruitment and membership development
  • Setting up key financial systems
  • Executing public relations and marketing activities to get your new organization airborne