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It happens every time businesses join forces. The leaders talk about “synergies.” In many cases, they’re referring to the cost savings they expect to be realized as the previously discrete organizations’ operations are combined. Of course, that kind of synergy is important. A more efficient organization can be more productive and competitive.

Synergies that Deliver New Value

Building Synergies

But at Virtual, we believe there are additional synergies that are just as important. I’m talking about the ways in which the organizations complement and enhance each other’s strengths to deliver more value to clients. Delivering more value is the best way I know to secure and retain clients, building deeper, longer-lasting strategic relationships.

Building Synergies Among Three Brands Under One New Umbrella

Synergies in Business

Since Virtual, DMG and PCS have teamed up under one umbrella, we’re seeing more and more of those synergies in action – all to the benefit of our clients.

For example:

  • We’re applying our Wakefield-based extensive marketing resources to help our Reston-based associations and professional societies reach their strategic goals, whether it’s building greater awareness, establishing thought leadership, or driving event attendance.
  • We’re exploring ways to deploy the expert staff of the call center in the Nashville office to act as an on-call support team for the tens of thousands of attendees participating in programs and events run by Virtual for its clients.
  • We’re leveraging our Reston team’s broad network of relationships in D.C. and the broader association community to support our technology clients who need to interact with government and other association’s in our nation’s capital.

In each case, our expanded organization is enabling us to deliver more value to our clients. At the same time, we’re becoming a unique enterprise that is much more than the sum of its parts, enabling us to achieve our mission of helping each of our clients meet or exceed their strategic objectives

Our math may not be right—1+1+1 may not really equal five. But our abilities are right on target—every day we’re exploring new ways to become the recognized and unassailable standard of quality in a professional services organization.

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