We finished the structure phase… How do we get the word out? Creating an effective launch for maximum visibility

Starting an Association : Article

You only have one chance to make a first impression. That’s why an effective launch strategy is so critical for an organization.

Here are a few rules of thumb for an effective launch.

1) Don’t launch until you are ready. I’ve seen countless organizations launch before they’re ready to handle inbound web inquiries, still having “coming soon” content on their web site, or haven’t worked out the process for joining the organization. Don’t be one of those. The launch date is something you control—make sure you’re absolutely ready before launching.

2) Make it easy to cover. News organizations are increasingly strapped for resources. Given that, a press conference that reporters need to travel to cover is rarely the right venue for a launch announcement. Consider a series of webcasts scheduled for different time zones to allow reporters to cover your launch from their desks during their normal business hours.

3) Be social. In 2013, every launch should have a social media component. Whether it’s posting your announcement on Twitter or notifying contacts via LinkedIn, don’t leave out this critical component to your communications strategy.

There are no guarantees in life—a good launch doesn’t ensure success. But a bad one often guarantees failure.

Considering launching your organization? Reach out to me and my talented team at Virtual will help maximize your organizations launch for maximum visibility.

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