What You Should Know Before Starting a Standards or Trade Association

Starting an Association : Article

Starting a new industry association or consortium is a complex endeavor, especially in the critical first few months. If you are starting ‒ or planning on starting ‒ one of these types of organizations, this webinar replay will provide you with advice on how to get your group successfully off the ground and drive it forward.

Andy Updegrove and I share our real-world experiences and best practices so you and your association can quickly be up and running and on the road to success.

This webinar replay discusses the following:

  • How to structure membership classes to ensure you get the members you need
  • Learn to craft and fund a budget
  • Explore the connection between budget and dues
  • Get advice on recruiting your all-important Founding Members
  • Learn the importance of carefully crafting a Board of Directors

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Webinar: Starting a Standards or Trade Association

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