Who We Are The Virtual Difference

What Separates Us From the Pack

Virtual enables associations, standards organizations, consortia, startup advocacy groups, and professional societies to achieve their goals and make a mark on the world. Whether helping an association go from zero to 800 corporate members in a mere 18 months, or strengthening an organization dedicated to the prevention of human trafficking, we help you to rethink what’s possible. Get ready to make your mark on the world!

Our People

Everyone in our office is an expert in his or her field. Our backgrounds are diverse and vastly different from what you see in traditional AMCs and associations. Our staff has held management positions at Fortune 100 companies, worked at large financial institutions, and served as senior staff at large associations. We’ve managed groups with budgets of $27,000 as well as $27 million, and we have the experience to guide you towards whatever vision you have for your organization.

Our Experience

  • We’re global. We’ve been all over the world doing everything you can imagine to support our clients.
  • We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including nearly half of the Fortune 100.
  • We’ve produced events with up to 2,000 attendees, in more than 35 countries.
  • We’re working with industry associations that are involved in technologies and standards that touch every electronic transaction that occurs in the world today.
  • We have managed groups with over 4,000 members in 100 countries and annual budgets of more than $27 million.
  • Like our client organizations, we work globally each day.

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