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Digitally Savvy Solutions for Deeper Membership Insights

Your members largely engage with your organization through your website, and so delivering a superior user experience is important for the achievement of your organizational goals. We build and maintain websites, secure membership and collaboration sites, online registration, web content management systems, and mobile applications. We also give you the data to deeper insights into your members, their activities, interactions, and engagement.

Expert Association Technology Management

Technology Solutions is the professional services delivery arm that provides project management, implementation, and delivery of technical platforms for our clients. We provide specialized technology solutions by combining software, hardware, and telecommunications.

Virtual's Technology Solutions

  • Developing and maintaining your public web presence
  • Implementing secure SaaS solutions for your organization’s membership and financial transactions
  • Providing secure collaboration systems for members and their committee work
  • Performing contract and issue management with web hosting companies and solution providers
  • Managing content updates for public and member websites
  • Providing web traffic data and performance reports
  • Posting and managing corporate documents
  • Managing online event registration systems to plan and monetize association events
  • Developing mobile applications to drive member engagement
  • Providing Search Engine Optimization to increase reach, visibility, and traffic

Website & App Examples (Made With Love)

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Automotive Edge Computing Consortium Automotive Edge Computing Consortium
Alliance for Open Media Alliance for Open Media
Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance
American Battle Monuments Foundation American Battle Monuments Foundation
Accounting Blockchain Coalition Accounting Blockchain Coalition

The Virtual Difference

Virtual’s Technology Solutions team delivers digital experiences engineered to perform. We take a methodical approach to your online presence, developing a holistic digital plan, building a reliable technology stack, and implementing strategies that drive engagement and growth. We design aesthetically beautiful websites and applications, and even more than that, we build digital solutions that get you measurable organizational results.

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  • Every day is different

    The trusting and respectful working relationships that I’ve formed with my team leader and coworkers have allowed me to utilize and hone my existing skillset, as well as explore new ideas in effort to continuously provide innovative service to my clients. Every day is different, and the opportunity to work within several departments on diverse projects keeps me engaged. - Juliana Gordon, Program Administrator at Virtual

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