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At Virtual Inc., our goal is simple: to continually raise the bar for all of our clients and enable them to bring excellence to the market, so that they can shape the future. And help to change the world.

We do this by hiring the best and the brightest who are experts with a passion to make a difference and continually look at ways to deliver innovation, impact, and results for every client. We also believe that cultivating new talent begins with internships. Each year, we connect and hire interns who share our passion for curiosity and learning. Often these interns not only garner the experience and hands-on knowledge that they crave, but become part of the Virtual family as full-time professionals. Anything is possible.

Meet two of our summer 2023 interns who share what they hope to learn during their internship experience.

Riley Pooler | Marketing Communications Intern

  • Elon University, School of Communications, Class of 2024
  • Communication Design major

While working as the Marketing and Communications intern at Virtual Inc. I am hoping that I can grow my knowledge of marketing and social media platforms. As a Communication Design major, I am more fluent in designing software such as Adobe, rather than marketing/social media platforms. By practicing and gaining knowledge on how to best utilize these types of services/skills, I am hoping that I can combine my knowledge and application in design with my growing marketing skills! I believe that if I work diligently to better understand marketing software, I can pull from my understanding of communications to make a more cohesive project that transcends just design and is also complimented by marketing and social media! Also, I am hopeful that through this internship I will be able to take full advantage of commentary and feedback from my peers. I am working alongside some amazing and experienced individuals in their field, and I would love to pick their brains about the work I am producing for Virtual Inc. as much as possible! I look forward to asking questions, and truly sitting down to practice and learn new skills within the world of communications.


Julia Penchuk | Public Relations Intern

  • Elon University School of Communications, Class of 2025
  • Strategic Communications Major

During this internship, I am looking forward to learning from the brilliant individuals who have had such success here at Virtual. I hope to improve my content writing skills, as well as get new experiences with media relations and agency life.


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