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Virtual spent some time learning more about Jordan Schille, one of our global events specialists based in the Wakefield, Mass. office. Never dull, always changing are some of the key aspects of Jordan’s role and she has shared some insights into to success!

What do you do as a global events specialist?

As a specialist in the Global Events department, I work on a wide range of projects leading up to an event, and no day ever looks the same. Ultimately, I get to work with clients on all of the logistics that go into the successful execution of their event — from start to finish. This can include agenda creation and management, registration and website building, facilitating details with sponsors, speakers and vendors, arranging entertainment and content, food and beverage details, and so much more!

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on and why?

One of my favorite projects so far has been a networking reception in Las Vegas for a brand-new organization. The goal of the event was to bring folks in, provide them with a great experience (and a lot of swag) and grow the organization’s visibility and member base. It was a lot of fun and extremely special to be a part of their very first event!

What Virtual, Inc company value most resonates with you? What’s an example of that value playing out on a day-to-day basis?

Service Excellence is the company value that I always have in mind. Taking a few extra minutes out of the day to provide that next level service is something clients will always notice and appreciate. These small, but important, details build trust and a strong relationship between Virtual and our clients, ultimately leading to more successful events.

What advice would you give someone hoping to pursue a career at Virtual?

Hard work will help you get very far! Event planning can have its challenges, however, there is so much reward in seeing the successful execution of your event. There is truly no better feeling than interacting with your clients onsite and seeing how happy and excited they are when everything comes together. Planning an event involves attention to detail and constantly moving pieces. No matter how well you prepare, surprises can happen. Being able to think on your feet, pivot quickly, and keep moving forward results in very successful events that will amaze your clients.

Do you have a favorite movie, book, band or song that keeps you inspired?

I definitely listen to a lot of Morgan Wallen and country music overall. There are too many movies and books to choose from, but one of my top favorites will always be The Help!


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