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Alyssa Dockery, Program Associate

Alyssa Dockery, Program Associate, Virtual Inc

What do you do at Virtual?

I am a program associate on the Client Services team at Virtual. I work on the technology side of client services, so I am working with large, global technology consortia on their membership and daily activities. On a day to day basis I collaborate across departments, including marketing and events, to meet the specific needs of each of my clients. It’s exciting to be the liaison for each client, form relationships and help them reach their full potential.


How did you learn about the role?

I learned about this role from a family friend who has worked here for years who highly recommended Virtual. She knew I was graduating and felt the role and company would be a great fit for me—and she was right!


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most awarding part of my job is the people who make up Virtual. From day one everyone has been welcoming and open to answering any questions. I am learning so much from my managers about professionalism and how to successfully juggle multiple clients and projects with ease. Each client has a unique vision and goals, and it is exciting to be exposed to many different industries and face a fresh challenge each day. I also have made great friends at Virtual, which makes it a fun place to work.

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