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Q&A with Shaina Sullivan, Director Operations, Service Center

Since March, we have been working from home (WFH) because of the pandemic. What makes you happy to come to work each day and what is your motivation to get through the tough days?

SS: My co-workers make my day and are the motivation to get me past a challenging moment. I say moment because the days are never fully tough. Working from home has not changed my day to day much; however, I have “met” more Virtualites. Pre-Pandemic, you saw an aerial view of the conference room during a meeting, so you didn’t get to see everyone. Now, everyone is virtually front and center!

What is next on your bucket list?

SS: I want to road trip across the U.S., visiting the U.S. National Parks and landmarks. I want to see Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and Zion National Park in Utah.

What company value most resonates with you and how do you incorporate into your day-to-day activities?

SS: I would have to say Innovation. With efficiencies and streamlining being a key objective for my team, we must be innovative within each client’s specific parameters (budgets, bylaws, tools, etc.).

What do you find most challenging about your job?

SS: The most challenging part about my job is the phrase “that is how it has always been done.” In my role, I continually review process flows to make sure they are still applicable to the current moment. Working based on this phrase means stagnation. I campaign every day to change this mindset so we can continue to help our clients make their mark on the world. What has been your favorite project, and why? What do you find most rewarding about your job? SS: The Service Center has been my favorite project/initiative so far at Virtual. Helping create the department has been fun and rewarding. When you can take a current process, streamline it to make it more efficient, and see the results of that hard work reflected in the clients’ servicing, it makes for one of those “feel good” moments.

What’s the coolest part about working with the clients we have?

SS: The coolest part about working with our clients is learning about the specific areas they represent. I have learned things about Massage Therapy, Shotcrete, Eating Disorders, RFID readers, PCI Compliance, etc. I know that I would have never learned about somethings if not for our clients. For example, I learned the history of women in the Marine Corps and the different roles/responsibilities that make up the Corps.

What advice would you give someone hoping to pursue a career at Virtual?

SS: Be open to learning. Virtual is a HUB of knowledge and experience. I have learned more by listening and observing in meetings than in any of my schooling.

What do you love about living in Nashville, Tennessee

SS: I love living in the Nashville area because you can get the best of both worlds. You get to experience downtown Nashville’s city life, yet you are driving down old forgotten dirt roads breathing in the fresh country air within twenty minutes. Who/What inspires you? SS: There is no one specific thing or person. It is everything and anything. It could be a word, an action, or even a picture that influences my self-betterment.

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