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Q&A with Boston based Solutions Engineer, Basilio Di Flumeri.

What have you learned the most about being a Solutions Engineer?
BDF: The biggest thing I’ve learned about being a Solutions Engineer is that prioritization is more important than I previously thought. Prioritization of the order projects and tasks helps keep me focused on what I need to complete but also helps provide our clients with the tool or solution that will help them achieve their goal.

Who or what inspires you?
My parents are my biggest inspiration. They immigrated to America as young adults and have dedicated their life to making sure my sisters and I were able to have a better life than they ever did. And I hope to do the same for my kids.

What has changed most about your day-to-day routine from being in the office vs. working remotely?
BDF: The thing that has changed most about my day-to-day routine is making breakfast and talking my dog for a walk. Pre-covid, I would wake up, get ready and head to the office and either take breakfast to go or grab a bite in the cafeteria. Now, with all the time saved driving, I’m able to start my day with a full breakfast and a nice long walk with my pandemic puppy.

What’s the coolest part about working with the clients we have?
BDF: The coolest part is learning something new from our clients every day. Being involved in technology, seeing clients such as IOWN Global Forum, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium, and PCI Security Standards Council making such a difference in the world and creating the standards that we use in our everyday lives amazing to see happen in real time.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?
I love just being outside! If I’m in a bad mood or having a stressful day, going for a walk, or even just sitting out in the sun, will change my mood almost instantly. The outdoors is what helped me get through the pandemic and made my appreciation for it grew even more.

What company value most resonates with you? What’s an example of that value playing out on a day-to-day basis?
BDF: The company value that really resonates with me is teamwork. I wouldn’t be able to be successful at my job without it. Everyone at Virtual is more than willing to work as a team and I believe that is what makes us so successful. No one tries to be a hero, nor afraid to ask for help.

What do you love about living in Boston?
BDF: From the New England Patriots to the Boston Red Sox, to the Revolutionary War, Boston is the city of champions! What’s not to love!

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
BDF: The most rewarding part of my job is the ability to learn something new every day. Whether it is regarding our clients in what they do, how they approach an issue, or new technology that we are looking to implement, there’s something new to learn each day at Virtual.


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