What We Do Certification

Developing World-Class Certification Programs

Virtual is a specialist in examination development, examination administration, licensing and certification services for the regulation and management of occupations and professions, as well as products. We deliver professional training and product certification services for associations, professional societies, consortia, standards organizations, advocacy groups, and state regulatory boards.

Virtual’s Certification Services

  • Covering both professional and product certification services
  • Developing curricula and coursework
  • Building examination blueprints
  • Deploying e-learning systems
  • Recruiting and preparing instructors
  • Coordinating classroom-based training programs
  • Developing product certification protocols and testing requirements
  • Identifying test houses and tool developers for product certification
  • Managing the full workflow
  • Developing product listing databases for certified products
  • Using psychometric expertise to improve quality and measurement
  • Providing customer service, financial management and administration
  • Reviewing Eligibility Applications

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