What We Do Working Group & Committee Support

Facilitating Greater Collaboration

Your organization is focused on a set of goals, and your members are collaborating to reach them as efficiently as possible. Virtual is here to help with working group and committee support services that empower your members to do what they do best, while accelerating your path to success.

Delivering Effective Working Group & Committee Support

Every day, we manage a broad array of initiatives to ensure successful outcomes for associations, professional societies, consortia, standard organizations, and advocacy groups. Helping ensure your groups and committees operate efficiently and productively is what we do – in fact, we manage dozens of working group and committee meetings every week.

Virtual's Working Group & Committee Support Services

  • Providing program management services to Boards, executive and member committees, working groups, task forces and other association groups
  • Handling session scheduling, agenda development, notifications, attendance, quorum and action item tracking, minutes taking, ballot setting and voting administration and document management
  • Managing Wrike installation, configuration, training, and onboarding
  • Coordinating meeting and event logistics
  • Utilizing project management tools to coordinate working group and committee work with an organization’s larger work plan
  • Facilitating committee and working group meetings

The Virtual Difference

In helping dozens of organizations produce more than 100 standards, specifications, and best practices, Virtual runs working groups and other meetings for our clients every week. For one client, for example, we run more than a dozen working groups, some meeting multiple times weekly. Whether you’re an association, professional society, consortia, standards organization, or advocacy group, we can help ensure your meetings are highly productive. Think of us as the glue that holds these types of groups together—managing workflow between meetings, setting agendas designed to move work forward efficiently, along with much more.

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