Automatic Reply: “Vacation Is Coming”

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If you know Andy Freed, Virtual’s CEO, you probably know about his love for creative videos. For years, Andy has been working with clients to develop unique and engaging videos. In 2012, he started creating videos for his annual summer vacation Out of Office (OOO) message. Since then Andy has been upping the ante each year with more complex and innovative (not to mention longer) videos. Fast forward to 2019, the video for Andy’s most recent OOO took things to a whole new level: a 27-minute long parody of Game of Thrones. #VactionIsComing

On August 22, the video was featured on NPR’s Marketplace series “Automatic Reply” an ongoing series that “celebrates the pithy, surprising or otherwise amusing out-of-office email messages pinging around workplaces.”

Check out all of his OOO videos at

VACATION IS COMING from Andy Freed on Vimeo.

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