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What is the Institute of Noise Control Engineering?
INCE: The Institute of Noise Control Engineering or INCE-USA is a professional society whose members

  1. Practice noise and vibration control and acoustical consulting
  2. Work on noise and vibration compliance and regulations
  3. Service and support associated noise control materials, software and instrumentation

What makes INCE-USA unique?

INCE: INCE-USA is the only organization in the U.S. dedicated solely to the practice of noise control. Our founders of the organization were the pillars of the field of acoustical engineering and noise control engineering. We also offer board certification in noise control which is akin to a Professional Engineering license in the field. This formal recognition of the highest professional capability in the practice of Noise Control Engineering and it is the only national (and possibly international) certification for noise control. This credential requires significant years of experience and passing a rigorous 8-hour exam.

Who are your members and what do they do?

INCE: INCE-USA has supported those working in noise control since 1971. As the only professional society devoted solely to Noise Control Engineering, INCE-USA provides a unique forum for technical exchange, networking, and professional growth. INCE-USA provides a wide range of services to its nearly 1,000 Members and Associates. Our members are mostly professionals working at consulting firms that offer assistance with noise compliance, noise control, vibration control, and acoustical performance. We also have members who work for industry, academia and various government agencies.

Can you tell us about your recent in-person event in Lexington, Kentucky?

INCE: We held our annual conference this year in Lexington, KY. NOISE-CON, as it is known, is mostly attended by our U.S. members. We do get some international participation, but we also hold an international conference (INTER-NOISE) every 3-5 years here in the U.S. The Lexington event was the first fully in-person event since the beginning of the pandemic with 328 total attendees. It was a successful conference with 40 technical sessions, networking and social events, and a successful expo hall with 30+ exhibitors!

How can I get involved with INCE-USA?

INCE: Full membership requires having an engineering degree or other technical background (or passing a fundamentals exam). We also have an associate class of membership for those without the technical background but with interest in our industry mostly from a business perspective. All of our membership information is available on our website at

What is next for INCE in 2022?

INCE: Most importantly is the transition of leadership. Dr. Judy Rochat from Cross-Spectrum Acoustics will take over as President on October 1, 2022, and Mike Bahtiarian will move into the Immediate Past President position, supporting Judy as needed. INCE also plans to further engage and support members (and non-members) with a Technician Certification Program and webinar series.

For more information about INCE-USA, email the contact INCE-USA Business Office (IBO) via their contact form.


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