Virtual: A Day in the Life of a Client Services Director

The Virtual Life : Article

Julia Allenby, Client Services Director

What do you do at Virtual?

As a director in the Client Services department on the technology division, and a remote Virtual employee (HQ: Oakland, California), I spend a lot of time on the phone! On a day to day basis, I’m in client meetings beginning early in the morning, providing support to several client teams, participating in external and internal client meetings and syncing one-on-one with team members. I write a lot of emails and procedural documents and do a fair amount of online reading and research to stay informed on trends in technology, association management, and work-related tools and hacks. I enjoy being part of cross-functional internal teams, like the V-Force Working Group, and I’ve been involved in the interviewing and hiring process for new Client Services team members.

How did you learn about the role?

I used to work with Alysia Johnson at another association management company, where we were both executive directors of an assortment of clients. After she left that company, she did an extensive job search which landed her a position at Virtual and then reached out a welcoming hand because she thought I’d be a good fit. It took almost a year of conversations before I got a job offerthe waiting is the hardest partbut eventually we all made it happen.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Collaborating with smart people. There’s so much to learn from all my colleagues, even if they may be on the opposite coast!


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