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Q&A with Jessica Jimenez, Operations Manager at Virtual

Jessica Jimenez

What do you do at Virtual?

I work on the Finance and Accounting team at Virtual. As an Operations Manager, I handle accounts payable process for our association-based clients. I track everything from what invoices and dues are coming in to how much is being paid out. Since non-profit and for-profit organizations have different regulations and rules regarding managing finances, my department provides organizations with access to an entire finance department, from the part-time services of a CFO for budgeting and forecasting to accounts receivable and payable staff. As a result, I work with the larger financial services team to ensure our clients always have a clear picture of their organization’s fiscal health.

How did you learn about the role?

I applied for a part-time accounting role, which led to a full-time opportunity three months later. My part-time role enabled me to gain first-hand experience in nearly every part of the Virtual accounting services department. This year, I will be celebrating my seventh year in accounts payable at Virtual, and am very happy with where my career has taken me.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love that my role enables me to give back valuable time to each association. Many organization leaders already have a full-time day job – in addition to running their association. By providing a clear picture of their organization’s accounts payable and other accounting information, I know that the organization’s Board and staff can focus on other strategic activities.

From a Virtual perspective, I love that my department and managers are always encouraging me to grow in my role. I recently took advantage of training at a financial services conference, which provided me with new insights that I was able to apply to my client projects. Virtual’s flexible work schedule makes me feel trusted to do the work I know I need to do in order to appropriately serve my clients.


**As of July 2020 – Jess was promoted from Operations Manager to Senior Accounting Manager**

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