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Q&A with Sothearith Prak, IT Junior Systems Administrator at Virtual

Sothearith Prak

What do you do at Virtual?

As the IT Junior Systems Administrator at Virtual, I conduct regular server maintenance, push out security patches, manage our hosted phone system, regulate email management, and provide support in our Help Desk ticketing system. I work closely with our Tier 1 Help Desk support staff to ensure that tickets are resolved quickly for both our clients and internal users here at Virtual. I also assist the senior IT team when doing off-hours server upgrades, as well as deploying new software and data migrations.

How did you learn about the role?

I learned about this role through a reference from a former co-worker. Knowing that I was studying IT, he informed me that there was an opening at Virtual that he had heard from his wife, who also worked at Virtual at the time. I heard nothing but good things about Virtual, so I decided to apply, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Technology evolves at a fast rate, and my job as IT Administrator is to research and test new technologies to improve our infrastructure and everyday workflow. After many hours of testing, it’s a great feeling when a new technology finally deploys across the company’s systems. There’s nothing more rewarding than to look back and say to myself “I was a part of that; I helped make this happen.”


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