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At Virtual, we see strategy as much more than a plan. It’s in our DNA and at the core of everything we do. We are the leading professional services firm that provides strategic advisory and execution services for global standards organizations, technology consortia, associations, and professional societies that are forming, growing or changing.

From strategic counsel, tactical planning, online events, face-to-face meetings, and marketing execution to finance, accounting, and reporting, and everything in between, we make our clients’ success our number one priority!

OUR MISSION is simple

We’re driven to ensure every client organization meets or exceeds its desired results. The engine behind the success of our clients is an array of best-in-class professional services perfectly paired with expert strategic guidance and execution. Our team is made up of subject matter experts and passionate professionals who understand the unique needs of associations, standards organizations, consortia, startup advocacy groups, and professional societies.

Empowering organizations to TRAILBLAZE NEW PATHS

We work with more than 50% of the Fortune 100 organizations including those led by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more. We help our global clients break through the noise, reach and engage target audiences, and achieve more than what they thought possible. Whether helping an organization go from zero to 800 corporate members in a mere 18 months, to creating and facilitating the adoption of digital payment standards around the world, to extending the reach and impact of an international group dedicated to improving the treatment of prostate and breast cancer, Virtual helps its clients achieve their goals and make their mark on the world.

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