Who We Serve Professional Societies

Igniting Your Growth through Effective Professional Society Management

Virtual excels at professional association and society management. We help you to advance your profession and to efficiently and effectively deliver value to your members. Through strategic consulting, marketing, public relations, operations, and certification services, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for your professional society.

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consulting services take you from professional society management to professional society success. Get ready to rethink what’s possible.

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Executive Leadership
  • Board Support

Marketing & Public Relations

Virtual’s Marketing and PR services cut through the noise so you can connect and engage with your target audiences.

  • Visual Branding
  • Event Management
  • Digital Marketing

Operations Management

Our back-office operation services streamline your organization into a well-oiled engine.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Member Management
  • IT
  • Human Resources


Virtual provides professional training and certification programs, as well as product testing and certification programs.

  • Curricula and Coursework
  • Product Certification Protocols and Testing Requirements
  • Managing the Full Workflow

A Few of Our Professional Society Clients

Feldenkrais Method

A Successful Global BlueprintAcademy for Eating Disorders

The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) is a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment, and prevention. Providing access to knowledge, research and best treatment practice for eating disorders is key to the organization’s success. Through its partnership with Virtual, international membership outside of North America has grown by more than 44%. Today, AED has 32 partners, chapters, and affiliates in 28 countries. AED publications are translated into 21 languages. Virtual manages AED’s annual international conference with more than 1,400 attendees and a trade show with 70+ exhibitors.

44%Global Member Growth


40%Growth in Social

  • Reaching exciting new heights

    "When ENAR decided to take its 2020 Spring Meeting from a face to face event to a virtual one in less than 11 days, we certainly worked with the right partner...Virtual Inc. With 125+ sessions over 3.5 days and 625+ speakers, the Virtual Team delivered an extremely well organized, and seamless event to our community.” - Mike Daniels, President, ENAR; Professor & Chair, Department of Statistics, University of Florida

Smarter. Success.

10 Reasons Why Associations Fail

Powering the Success of Your Professional Society

Virtual helps you to not only launch your new professional society, but to also become fully operational, thriving, and growing. We help you to promote the highest levels of excellence in your industry, defining and setting standards for your professional field and promoting high standards of quality through awards and other forms of recognition. Through our work together, we increase membership, drive member retention, and support high-value member activities.

Comprehensive Professional Association Management Services

Looking for strategic counsel to make your concept for a new professional association or society a reality? Aiming to streamline your operations? Seeking turnkey meeting and conference management services? In need of tools and systems to power membership management, e-commerce, social media and collaboration? As a different breed of strategic consulting company, we provide comprehensive and integrated services to empower your professional society to achieve your goals no matter your size or stage, with personnel boasting unparalleled levels of experience.

Ready to Rethink the Possibilities for Your Organization?