Who We Serve Standards Organizations

Igniting Your Growth through Effective Standards Organization Management

Virtual provides strategic management consulting for standards organizations to help them make their mark on the world. Through strategic consulting, marketing, public relations, operations, and certification services, we help your organization to operate and grow at peak efficiency and effectiveness, with 360-degree support for creating new, or building on, existing standards to promote global interoperability.

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consulting services take you from standards organization management to success. Get ready to rethink what’s possible.

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Executive Leadership
  • Board Support

Marketing & Public Relations

Virtual’s Marketing and PR services cut through the noise so you can connect and engage with your target audiences.

  • Visual Branding
  • Event Management
  • Digital Marketing

Operations Management

Our back-office operation services streamline your organization into a well-oiled engine.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Member Management
  • IT
  • Human Resources


Virtual provides professional training and certification programs, as well as product testing and certification programs.

  • Curricula and Coursework
  • Product Certification Protocols and Testing Requirements
  • Managing the Full Workflow

A Few of Our Standards Organization Clients

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
PCI Security Standards Council
NFC Forum
Alliance for Open Media
  • Our success is directly linked to the Virtual team

    “Virtual has been guiding the NFC Forum since prior to its launch. Virtual’s marketing and PR teams brought the Near Field Communication standard to mainstream attention with coverage not only in industry publications but mainstream media but such as the BBC and USA Today. In addition, the staff working in finance, events and program management continue to be the backbone of NFC’s daily operations. Our success is directly linked to the Virtual team, we look forward to the next decade and beyond.” - Koichi Tagawa, Chairman NFC Forum Dai Nippon Printing

Be. More. Effective.

The 7 Habits of Highly-Effective Technical Working Groups

Powering the Success of Your Standards Organization

Virtual helps your standard-setting organization go from startup to fully operational, and from operational to thriving, growing, and making its mark on the world. For the PCI Security Standards Council, for example, we provided a full range of services in getting the organization off the ground and growing it to become one of the most influential bodies in its space with 800 participating organizations in 50 countries. Whatever your organizational goal, we help you to achieve it.

Comprehensive Standards Organization Management Services

Looking for strategic counsel to make your standards the underlying foundation of your industry? Exploring the right structure for your organization for effective governance and optimal revenue? Need help with bylaws, intellectual property rights policies, rules of procedure, antitrust policies and other critical governance documents? Aiming to set up testing and certification programs? Virtual provides comprehensive and integrated services to empower your organization to launch successfully and to achieve your long-term goals.

Ready to Rethink the Possibilities for Your Organization?