Who We Serve Advocacy Groups

Igniting Your Growth through Effective Advocacy Group Management

Virtual excels at advocacy group management. You want your voice to be heard, and that's where we come in. We’ve helped many advocacy groups build creative, cost-effective strategies to influence policymakers and achieve ambitious goals. Through strategic consulting, marketing, public relations, operations, and certification services, we push the boundaries of what’s possible for your group.

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consulting services take you from advocacy group management to advocacy group success. Get ready to rethink what’s possible.

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Executive Leadership
  • Board Support

Marketing & Public Relations

Virtual’s Marketing and PR services cut through the noise so you can connect and engage with your target audiences.

  • Visual Branding
  • Event Management
  • Digital Marketing


Our back-office operation services streamline your organization into a well-oiled engine.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Member Management
  • IT
  • Human Resources


Virtual provides professional training and certification programs, as well as product testing and certification programs.

  • Curricula and Coursework
  • Product Certification Protocols and Testing Requirements
  • Managing the Full Workflow

TransformationThe Academy for Eating Disorders

The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) is dedicated to employing cutting-edge research and treatment practices for eating disorders. Through its partnership with Virtual, AED has increased mental health awareness and completely overhauled education. We have also transformed how eating disorder support systems are funded, regulated, and delivered on a country-by-country basis. Today AED stands at the forefront of treatment advocacy. Acting as a founding organization of the World Eating Disorder Action Day, members worldwide march on their state capitals annually.

  • The Brussels Fly-In was extremely productive

    Thanks to Virtual’s planning and preparations, the Brussels Fly-In was extremely productive. I wouldn’t want to do that kind of trip again without Virtual. - Steve Lipner, Executive Director, SAFECode

A Smarter Start

The 4 Ps of Starting a New Association

Powering the Success of Your Advocacy Group

Virtual helps your startup advocacy group go from startup to fully operational, and from operational to thriving, growing, and making its mark on the world. We enable your group to be efficient and innovative, while providing as much value as possible to your members. We’ve provided strategic counsel to a wide variety of advocacy groups, customizing our services to ensure each and every one achieves its stated objectives.

Comprehensive Advocacy Group Management Services

Looking for strategic counsel to make your idea a reality? Identifying partner organizations for lobbying and direct outreach at a local, state, and international level? Looking to understand lobbying rules and regulations? Setting up and administering PACs? Seeking ways to streamline your operations? Aiming to increase membership? As a different breed of advocacy management company, we provide comprehensive and integrated services to empower your organization to achieve your goals no matter your size or stage, with personnel boasting unparalleled levels of experience.

Ready to Rethink the Possibilities for Your Organization?