Counting Down the 10 Best Things About Virtual 2.0

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It has been about six weeks since we announced, “Virtual 2.0”—our partnership with Drohan Management Group (DMG) in Washington, D.C. and Professional Credential Services (PCS, Inc.) in Nashville.  I wanted to give a brief update on how things are going.

Having spent a good chunk of time in our offices in Washington, D.C. and Nashville, not to mention my “home office” in Wakefield, I’m more excited every day by what this change can mean for our clients and our team.  In the spirit of the “home office” from the old Late Night with David Letterman days, here’s a top 10 list of the things that I’m excited about:

10. A unique capability in certification services. With the addition of our team in Nashville, our certification services are truly unmatched—we now provide comprehensive certification services for professions ranging from nurses to cyber security professionals with a global reach.

9. A presence in Washington, D.C.. With our Reston office and a location in downtown D.C., we now have “boots on the ground” in the capital to provide the opportunity to interact with a range of associations and the U.S. Federal government.

8. Continued (and growing) expertise in tech. Our focus on tech as an area of excellence has not changed. We have an expanding practice in fast growing tech areas such as blockchain and have been increasing our involvement in open source communities.

7. The Nashville connection. Nashville is just a great city. Our office is conveniently about 5 minutes from the airport—and a short trip downtown to a great city with music, food and so much more. Why don’t y’all come down and see us some time? (See how I’m learning?)

6. New minds, new approaches. We are already seeing great synergy in our client base and the opportunity to approach existing clients with new solutions as “fresh eyes” become involved.

5. A varied cost model. The lower cost of the Nashville market allows us to provide a varied cost model for our clients—saving them money while helping them be more successful.

4. Future growth opportunities. Now that we have partnered with Striker Partners, we have the financial backing and acumen needed to continue to grow organically through more partnerships—an exciting opportunity as we look ahead.

3. Some spectacular clients. Our client list includes dozens of organizations that are changing the world. From tech groups that are establishing the technology of tomorrow to groups like the Academy of Eating Disorders that are solving pressing problems, our clients are truly helping to change the world.

2. An even more spectacular staff. I’m genuinely humbled to have the opportunity to lead this team of talented individuals. Our staff ranges from recent college grads to individuals with decades of experience in associations and consortia. With one common bond—a commitment to help our clients succeed.

1. Excitement. I’ve said it before—what’s the point of any of this if we aren’t having any fun? And this process has been as fun and exciting as I could have ever dreamed of. I’m essentially starting a new job and bringing along all the people I love from my old job. That’s a great deal.

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