The Most Powerful Weapon Against Intolerance Is Education

CEO Corner, Virtual News : Virtual News

I’ve been proud of the open and honest conversations that we’ve had at Virtual about the challenging topic of race. We’ve had guest speakers, book clubs, and open town halls, all with the purpose of educating ourselves and those around us.

At every turn, we’ve talked about how race isn’t just an issue of Black and white. And sadly, intolerance and hatred aren’t confined to any one group.

Tuesday’s shootings in Atlanta underscore this sad reality. The notion of an ethnic group being scapegoated for a global pandemic is as offensive as it is incorrect.

As Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, shared: “A crime against any community is a crime against us all.” This is why when these things happen, we can’t just let them fade into the noise of the headlines we hear every day.

In the end, the most powerful weapon against intolerance is education. I hope this horrific tragedy will inspire more people to do for themselves what we have done as a company—to listen and learn.

Andy Freed is the CEO of Virtual, Inc.

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