John Lessard

Managing Director

What I do at Virtual:

I look at every client at Virtual as if it was a small business. And with any business, you have many moving parts that need to work in harmony to keep the business operating smoothly. And all the while, you need to stay focused on meeting the needs of your customers, driving towards customer service excellence and satisfaction, creating ideas and strategies that will differentiate yourself from the pack and creating ‘brand pop’ so that your organization doesn’t just blend in,but instead stands out. That’s what I do.

Years of experience:

A combined 23 years of professional services work and self-employment

Past employment:

Small business owner operating a multi-unit franchise


B.A. Brandeis University
Screenwriting Degree Emerson College

I can’t live without:

My family. My wife and three children are center of my universe. They make it all worth it.

Favorite client story:

Helping officially launch HOSP (Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance). It was an idea that sat on the runway for a while and helping it taxi down the runway and achieve liftoff was a lot like launching a new business.

Hidden talent:

Building stone walls. I love rocks and every rock has a home. Building a wall is like doing a puzzle but with a much higher risk of damaging your fingers.

What I do for fun:

Yardwork. I could mow, edge, mulch and trim all year long. Having a perfectly manicured lawn just makes the cocktail taste better at the end of the day. And if there one stray blade, I’ll go out and snip it with a pair of scissors.

Important life lesson:

My father always told me: The most important decision you’ll ever make is the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with – Was he right.

Key to success:

Be you – and use humor in everything you do. When you stop laughing, you stop living, and nobody likes to be around a stick-in-the-mud.

Favorite movie, book, food, music/band/song:

Jaws – favorite move with great characters and some of the funniest, most memorable lines that never get old
Book? Anything from the Bill O’Reilly Killing Series – Fact based accounts of fascinating people and events throughout history
Favorite Band, Chicago – Favorite Song, I have so many…May We All, Florida Georgia Line – In Color, Jamey Johnson – any song that tells a good story, really.

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